Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ongoing Discussion Thread [July, 2008]

It is now July first, and as I write this I'm stuffing belongings into suitcases, preparing to fly to Los Angeles and meet with the book's publishers. As I do so, I'm reminded of one of my first LOTR-related trips: my voyage to the London-based recording sessions for The Return of the King. Seems a long time ago now. Soon after returning, I wrote up my recollections for Film Score Monthly Magazine. I'm not sure how much of the blog's current readership was following events back then, so I've scanned the article for your viewing pleasure. Please see the slideshow at right and click to enlarge each page, or simply click here, if you wish, for the album. You'll probably need to zoom in a bit... but I promise this time the resolution will actually withstand your scrutiny.

Ok, back to cramming my socks into bags! Enjoy the new comment board below. I'll likely write next from the West Coast.

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