Friday, August 22, 2008

News Roundup

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my scarcity this week... I've barely been home and am running on about 10 hours of sleep amassed since last Friday. If I owe you a phone call or an email, I promise I'll get to you soon.

The rest of the world, however, has been ticking right along. So enjoy the mass media update:

Black Book has posted a nice little piece on The Fly, primarily coming from the Cronenberg point of view.  Click here.

Variety's Jon Burlingame has posted two pieces this week, both of which mention Shore. Seen here is a genuinely wonderful examination of the increasingly blurred line between film composers and concert composers. I tend to cringe when this subject is broached, only because most journalists miss the mark and end up writing about composers' quaint struggles to abandon fluff and risk it all with the big boys. Burlingame is too smart for that. His piece respects film music and concert music alike, and asserts that a smart composer can bring something of worth to any field. Bravo, Jon!

Shore gets less text in Burlingame's piece on videogame scores, but it provides a prime opportunity to mention the composer's work on Soul of the Ultimate Nation (a.k.a. S.U.N.). This is a fantastic score that plays like a sci-fi version of LOTR. Fans should make efforts to track this one down... which isn't always the easiest endeavor.

And finally, the press invites for the LA Opera Premiere of The Fly went out this week. Take a gander (contact info is blocked out, sorry!):

...Oh yeah, and in Music of LOTR book news... I'm going to spent my weekend picking through music example graphics and requesting new ones that are based on material that never made it to the liners, but which the book will need. 

But first... it's power nap time!

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