Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Del Toro on Shore

The following is excerpted from a piece theonering.net is running as part 3 of a transcribed talk Guillermo Del Toro gave at the New Yorker Festival. I thought the below would likely interest this blog's readership:

Anthony: Some of the work which has begun, I understand Howard Shore is actually already at work on the music - is that correct?

Guillermo: Yeah. Yeah. That’s right.

Anthony: And how …

Guillermo: … I’m meeting with him tomorrow.

Andrew: Oh, OK. And is that you’re first?

Guillermo: Ah, no. I met him before. And I’ve admired him for even longer. But, my feeling is one of the most fortunate things that he’s back because if you have to single out the most important pieces of continuing that Universe, he certainly is one.

Anthony: Absolutely. So thus far what are your conversations with him like? I mean down to Do you feed him pages? Or are you..

Guillermo: No I think the best way to go about this is to keep the pages to ourselves and just allow people to come from different places – where it be designers, you know. We have conversations – I’ve had a great couple of conversations with John Howe and Alan Lee. And John has been feeding me reactions – reaction sketches to those conversations. And I try not to react to those sketches yet. I try to allow him to feel he’s free to try anything he wants; ‘cause then you are surprised. The same thing is with Howard. I think the parameters are pretty clear. And that is it has to belong to the same Universe, and the music of the three movies – so.

Read the full piece here.

By the way, I expect to be in New York in approximately one month to resume Rarities/Multimedia work... and perhaps take an exciting side trip. Details soon.

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