Monday, November 17, 2008

In the News

Thought I'd post a couple of quick news items as I pack up for NY.

indieWIRE has a nice piece here on The Betrayal, including a little background on Shore's initial involvement.

And Fiji-based composer and conductor, Igelese Ete, who acted as choirmaster for the New Zealand LOTR: FOTR recording sessions, has received one of this year's Creative New Zealand Arts Pasifika Awards. Read more at NZ's Scoop.

Finally, Doubt played in LA last night with much of the crew in attendance, including Mr. Shore. Word is the film is extremely powerful, as is Shore's score, and was a huge hit with the crowd.

...And now I'm going to finish cramming my suitcase. I'm told the ENTIRE catalogue of LOTR multitrack sessions is awaiting me in NY this time. ProTools, here I come.

Expect reports on Rarities, Embassies and Documentaries soon!

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