Monday, December 8, 2008

Ongoing Discussion Thread [December, 2008]

For quite some time now, I've been hoping to find a better system for the Ongoing Discussion threads. Blogger is not really designed for such things. I've done a little poking around, and think I've found a system that's vastly more appropriate. So this month, I'm asking everyone to give it a shot. If it's a disaster, I'm happy to revert... but let's give it until the end of December or so before making a decision.

Here's the deal. Please head over to www.disqus.com and register for a free account. It takes about 4 seconds and, from the research I've done, is completely secure and not at all apt to open you up to any extra spamming. After that, come back to this post and chatter to your heart's content. You'll now be able to respond (and link) to individual posts, use avatars, etc. You know, real message board stuff!

So please, try it out, won't you? I think it'll make our discussions here far more engaging and rewarding. I've always loved the give and take discussions, and this new technology should improve the flow.

See ya on the board!

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