Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Approaching Anniversary

I suppose the bitter irony of the type of blogging we're attempting here is that the more there is to write about, the less time there is to write.

As you've probably gathered from the infrequent posting, I'm in just such a schedule right now -- a choking, thrilling, suffocating, inspiring period where so much is happening and developing, I'm hardly able to take stock.

We at Book Central did a meeting a week or two back in which we decided, "Well look, we've got all this work to do now. And that work both demands time, and provides it. So why don't we all just admit that we can't stop tweaking things and have at it!"

And so we did. To that end, we sent out a few more invitations and have welcomed some new guests into Book Central -- and have maybe even made a little history along the way. Introductions will be coming in time, but as we approach this blog's two-year anniversary (which I believe is this Sunday) I thought it'd be nice to remind you... we're still working! Your patience may be wearing thin after so long a wait, but as I've commented several times this week, this book is now the ultimate "fail up" endeavor. Every time something's gone sideways on us, it's ended up profoundly improving the book in the long run!

Back soon, schedule cooperating...

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