Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roots and New Beginnings

Good day, one and all!

The blog is back and, unless you haven't yet hit 'refresh' on your browser, showing its new face. I told you that this summer would be all about turning corners, and today we turn a major one. This blog is no longer chronicling the creation of a book/album. We're now preparing to discuss a completed product!

Now, technically we're still in our beta phase, so we'll be rolling out information as we go. But then, you didn't think I'm be completely forthcoming with all this, right? What I can tell you is that we have a 416-page hardcover book packed with music examples, score pages, film stills and artwork from John Howe and Alan Lee. Living in the back cover is a 23-track CD featuring unused, alternate, and early-draft music from FOTR, TTT, and ROTK ... and even a little discussion with Howard Shore and myself. The book and CD will be released this fall in a single package available worldwide.

As for our humble blog, we've tried to rework the appearance to better fit the book's new look, which features Gondorian white and the Ring's rich gold. Our new header actually features Alan Lee's original cover sketch, so we're leaving that blurred until next Monday, June 21, the first day of summer. But if you want another look, keep your eyes on Gollum's shopping bag at the blog's top left. We'll reveal a little bit more of the cover every couple of days for those who find next Monday too far off.

You'll also notice permanent links to the Twitter feed, and a new Facebook fan page for the book at left. A big, goofy picture of my head is at right, and I'm in the process of retooling the FAQ.

The blog's usual combination of commentary, news, and nonsense will continue unabated, but also be on the lookout for upcoming book and Rarities previews.

We've made it, folks! The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films is a reality!
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