Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ongoing Discussion [March 2011]

We're in the lean season of the year, somewhere between the exciting times that closed 2010 and the fury of news and announcements to come. I'd hoped to time the March board with a number of announcements from a number of fronts, but these too are stuck somewhere between gestation and revelation. Maybe "stuck" is too severe a word. Nothing's "stuck" in the "impasse" sense. We're simply in the "tinkering" stage, which means that the announcements, many of which are tied together in chains of news, must remain behind the curtain for now.

So that's my wordy way of saying: I have nothing to say. 2011 is going to be a pretty incredible year. You'll see exciting trends continued, old projects spawn new iterations, and the births of brand new ideas. And I can't tell you about any of it right now!

That said, stick around, because when the dam collapses, it's gonna be a flood!

Feel free to talk it up in the meantime. The Hobbit will begin shooting soon, and I plan to introduce the much-request Silmarillion discussion as soon as I can think of the best way to format it.

Back soon!

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