Monday, May 2, 2011

Luzern Lecture V: Howard Shore & Doug Adams

A few days before the final Luzern lecture I received a note from Howard Shore: “Can I join the lecture via Skype?” Thanks to the fast-moving KKL crew, we were able to set up all necessary technology in a short period of time, test it out, and confidently tease the audiences that a “very special guest” would be joining us on Friday.

Howard and I often remark that no matter how many times we have to speak about the LOTR score, we always find something new to discuss. Of course, we have to cover some familiar territory in order to properly contextualize the conversation for the audience, but by and large we find a new road each time we set out.

This time our conversation navigated such diverse topics as Naked Lunch, The Social Network, David Cronenberg, and yes, The Hobbit. (I wonder how it will feel, years from now, to revisit this interview and hear Howard talking about his still-pristine copy of the book.) We also were able to take an unusually – and refreshingly – broad look at LOTR, since I’d spent most of the prior week parsing details and minutiae.

The video here primarily consists of still pictures captured by a number of people, but there's a little bit of full-motion video interspersed, so keep your eyes on the screen!

I suppose this post also serves as my semi-official Luzern wrap-up. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be there at the beginning … to see to first of what we can only assume to be many LOTR cycles to come.

My deep thanks to everyone that made this possible.
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