Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ongoing Discussion [January 2012]

Happy New Year, everyone!

We're finally here: 2012. Every new year is full of exciting possibilities, but if you frequent this blog, you know that this year looks to be especially promising. I was a little quieter than usual during the final months of 2011, and will probably remain a bit guarded through the beginning of 2012, but I have much to say, and will proclaim it all soon enough. In the meantime, let's all enjoy the unlimited promise of a year not yet lived!

While I certainly don't wish to burden the light mood, I do feel we should take a second to recognize the passing of Bob Anderson. If you don't know who Mr. Anderson was, please take a moment to read the linked Wiki page. His artistry contributed not only to The Lord of the Rings films, but also to The Princess Bride, Star Wars, and more. I had brief contact with Mr. Anderson's daughter in September of 2010. He was living in London at that point, and his daughter had heard about the Royal Albert performance of The Return of the King: Live to Projection. Plans were made for him to attend, but he was ultimately not well enough to do so. Nevertheless, this gentleman touched many lives, and I know we'll all send our thoughts to his family.

On a lighter note, today (it's officially just past midnight on January 3 in Chicago) marks the 120th birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien. TheOneRing.net is reminding everyone of the usual 9:00 p.m. salute. I may be a bit early -- and a bit digital -- but: "The Professor!"


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