Friday, March 9, 2012

Ongoing Discussion [March 2012]

I’ve been looking for something to hang an Ongoing Discussion board on for a few days now. Here’s a good candidate: Howard Shore’s score for A Dangerous Method has won the 2011 Genie for Best Original Score! (The Genie is awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television each year; read more about the awards HERE.)

You can read the full rundown of this year's Genies HERE or HERE,but I imagine this part will be of particular interest to blog readers:

Cronenberg was also in good spirits. Accepting the Best Original Score award for an absent Howard Shore, his friend and frequent collaborator, he joked: “Howard is in New Zealand working on The Hobbit. It’s kind of a sequel to A Dangerous Method.”

In other news, I'm hoping to turn my attention fully toward Middle-earth sometime this summer. Things should slowly gather momentum until they hit full speed later in the year. (Amazing things are already happening in NZ!) While all that gets moving, I've agreed to pursue another rather large project. It's an entirely different type of piece from the Middle-earth work, but it sort of ties into the pieces I've been doing for the past four or five months. I don't want to say too much right now -- primarily because I'm still making some of the overarching creative decisions -- but suffice it to say that between the Hugo writing and a piece on Puccini and Edison that I just finished for the Seattle Opera, my desk is absolutely overflowing with research materials ... as is the kitchen table, the nightstand, etc. I'm not sure what the timeline for this new project will look like, but I'll let you know as soon as I do! (This is all in addition to three or four projects that have been developing since last fall that are still in the pipeline.)

So we're in the 'inchoate' months right now. I guess that's usual for this time of year. Everything is gestating and forming. But enjoy the calm while you can -- once things get cranking later this year, it's going to be quite a ride!
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