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Shore's Hobbit Wins Colonne Sonore Award

For Immediate Release:

Winners of ColonneSonore.net Award, the prize awarded by the readers of ColonneSonore.net, announced!

ColonneSonore.net is proud to announce the winners of ColonneSonore.net Awards 2012, the first edition of a special prize to the best music written for film and television voted by the readers of our website. The public survey has encountered the enthusiastic participation of both our loyal readers and workers of the Italian film/TV music industry.

Online voting began on February 2nd and closed on February 28th, seeing the participation of more than 1,000 film score enthusiasts submitting their own preferences over selections spread over six categories. The nominations were submitted by ColonneSonore.net staff editors, who chose names and titles through internal votes and ballots among the overall eligible works released through year 2012. The goal was to represent at best the eclectic and high-quality work in film and television music by both Italian and foreign composers.

Here are the results of the public survey:

In the category "Best Music for an Italian Film", composer Paolo Vivaldi won for the captivating score Maternity Blues, written for the intense melodramatic film directed by Fabrizio Cattani.

Young talent Andrea Farri has been recognized both as "Best Italian Composer of the Year" (thanks to his outstanding work in films like Gli sfiorati and 10 regole per fare innamorare) and for "Best Music for Italian TV Fiction" for the score of the acclaimed series Squadra Antimafia: Palermo Oggi 4, broadcasted successfully on Mediaset channels.

A surprising tie resulted in the category "Best Original Song for an Italian Film": young and talented singer-songwriter Thony won for "Time Speaks" (written for the film Tutti i santi giorni, directed by Paolo Virzì), and Elisa and Andrea Guerra got recognized for "Love is Requited", the main theme song of Roberto Faenza's Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful).

A win tie is also found in the category "Best Music for a Foreign Language Film": Howard Shore won for his monumental score to The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey, while the legendary John Williams got recognized for his poignant musical score for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.

John Williams was also elected "Best Foreign Composer of the Year", thanks to his exceptional work on the Steven Spielberg film.

All winners will receive a certificated plaque.

You can see the results of the public survey to the following link:

We hope this is only the beginning of a long and lasting tradition aimed to recognize the art of applied music both in our country and all over the world. Thanks to everyone who participated and voted and made this possible!

The full list of winners of the ColonneSonore.net Awards - 2012 Edition

Best Music for an Italian Film Music
PAOLO VIVALDI, Maternity Blues

Best Italian Composer of the Year

Best Original Song for an Italian Film
ELISA and ANDREA GUERRA, "Love is requited" - from the film Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful)
THONY, "Time Speaks" - from the film Tutti i santi giorni

Best Music for Italian TV Fiction
ANDREA FARRI, Squadra Antimafia: Palermo Oggi 4

Best Music for a Foreign Language Film
HOWARD SHORE, The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

Best Foreign Composer of the Year

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