Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hi everyone,

Very happy to announce that I'll be giving a pre-concert talk with Howard Shore at this upcoming concert in Luzern. If you're anywhere near Switzerland, I simply must insist that you attend! The program is scheduled to include the following:

18.30 Uhr, Konzertsaal: 
«Nerakhoon» (2008)
Suite für Mezzo-Soprano, Chor and Streicher 

«Mythic Garden»
Concerto für Violoncello und Orchester


«The Lord of the Rings Symphony» (Auszüge) 
   «The Fellowship of the Ring» (2001)
     The Prophecy
     Concerning Hobbits

   «The Return of the King» (2003)
     Hope and Memory
     The White Tree
     The Steward of Gondor
     Cirith Ungol
     The End of All Things
     The Return of the King
     The Grey Havens
     Into the West 

Please come say "hello" if you are in attendance!
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