Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fantasy Con Videos

Last week, I gave three presentations at Fantasy Con in Salt Lake City, Utah. (I also sat in on a couple of panels, and got to spend a little quality backstage time with cast members from The Hobbit and LOTR, hence the picture.) 

Two of my three presentations discussed the still-forming music of the Hobbit. While I don't believe those will be appearing online in any official capacity, a newly revised presentation on the music of The Lord of the Rings was filmed for TheOneRing.net's streaming service. That video was divided into three parts, and may be accessed HERE, HERE, and HERE.

This presentation marked the first time I was able demonstrate a few of the connections between Howard Shore's Hobbit and Rings scores. I didn't delve into too much detail--there will be time for that later--but I hope I was able to crack the door just a little and show what lurks behind it.

Huge thanks to everyone who came and said "hello" at the event!
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