Saturday, April 16, 2016

FOTR in Moscow

20 April Wednesday - 19:00 

For the first time on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace - Lord of the Rings. Concert. 250 people on the stage, symphonic orchestra and 2 choirs! The famous composer and conductor Howard Shore together with the director Peter Jackson have created a truly unique show – Lord of the Rings Concert, based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien. The soundtrack to the movie brought the composer three Oscars, four Grammies and three Gold Globes.

The Tales of the Middle-earth is a chronicle of the Great war for the Ring, the war that lasted for thousands of years. The one who owned the Ring, received the power over all live creatures, but was obliged to serve the evil. The quiet village where hobbits live. The wizard Gandalf, having come to the 111th birthday of his old friend Bilbo Baggins, starts conversation about a ring that Bilbo found many years ago. This ring belonged once to the dark master of the Middle-earth Sauron, and it gives great power to its owner. Now Sauron wants to return the power over the Middle-earth. Bilbo gives the found ring to his nephew Frodo who tries to learn to cope with that terrible power, which the ring gives …

Every action is followed by music! The charming, loud, quiet, nervous, intense melody accompanies every character. The large-scale show with all the unexpected turns is developing on the stage and the main character is music. It takes the spectator on the tracks of the mysterious world, it reveals secrets, it acquaints us with characters of the trilogy. Thanks to virtuosity of the composer, the listener will plunge into another world, the world of adventures, friendship, danger and even of darkness and evil. 250 people on the stage – the Symphonic orchestra and 2 choirs help to immerse into the world of fantastic travel and to wander the footpaths of other worlds.

The show participants: Symphonic orchestra of Moscow "Russkaya Philormoniya", the Mixed choir of the Academy of choral art of V. S. Popov, the State chorus of the Moscow regional philharmonic hall, Chorus of boys of the choral school of A.V. Sveshnikov.

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