Saturday, May 10, 2008

Book Update: May, 2008

Hi everyone,

Boy I'm glad you're keeping up with the posting here, because I've done a terrible job of updating the blog lately! The work on The Rarities Archives has kept me incredibly busy, but I'm absolutely thrilled with the way everything is coming together. TRA: FOTR and TRA: TTT have been cleaned and tightened now. FOTR is currently clocking at about 2.8 hours (no we haven't lost any music, just trimmed unnecessary talkback from the sessions, standardized the fade ins and outs, etc.) while TTT is coming in just under 2 hours. (FOTR has a lengthier "Making Of" suite attached to it, which is why it's still a bit longer than TTT.) Neither is finished yet... there are still a few materials needed... but both are already at HS' office awaiting comments, requested edits, etc.

TRA: ROTK is slightly over 2 hours right now, though again there are a few bits awaiting inclusion. (If you count the video doc, we'll be well over 3 hours.) Just last night I finished a rough assembly of ROTK's "Making Of" suite, and I think it's truly exciting... more than anything else we've got, it exposes the collaborative creative process that was so integral to these films/scores. There was such a positive energy in the air, and revisiting it is genuinely rewarding... I hope you'll agree!

I'm still actively trying to find a way to get out to Wolf Trap week after next. I have a responsibility in Chicago the morning of May 21, so I'm just trying to assemble some sort of travel plan that allows everything to fit together. Not always the simplest endeavor. I'll keep you updated. One way or the other, I'm sure we'll have thorough coverage from the event. It is the US premiere after all! Remember to keep your eyes of the Wolf Trap Insider as well.

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