Friday, June 6, 2008

Kaitlyn Lusk Site Update

LOTR Symphony / FOTR Live vocalist Kaitlyn Lusk's website has been recently overhauled. Visitors are now greeted by embedded audio from Kaitlyn's performance of "Into the West." Interestingly, this is the arrangement of ITW that Shore penned for Annie Lennox's "Tonight Show" performance in 2004, which has never before been commercially available. 

This track is set to be part of a mini LOTR suite on Kaitlyn's new album FilmSong. (The rest of the suite is arranged by Kim Scharnberg.) Though the album is not yet on shelves, you can already purchase "Into the West" as a high-res MP3 download. Click here for the 192kbps version ($0.99) or here for the 320kbps version ($1.49).

I'm not poised to make a dime off this, incidentally, just presenting it as a public service announcement. I'm sure the completists out there will not want to be without this unique arrangement.
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