Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ongoing Discussion Thread [June, 2008]

Though the technical solstice will posit otherwise, I'm officially declaring it summer around here. Why? I always find the long summer days and quiet summer nights to be the most productive time of the year. And believe me, there's plenty to accomplish right now. Besides, the trees are green again, doves are cooing... yes, summer has returned to my little corner of the Shire. I guess the vibrating air conditioner outside my office window sings a song more in line with the industrialization of Isengard, but hey, I'm waxing here...

Plenty to do, plenty to discuss. Have at it!

Known Issues: There is currently no convenient way to edit your posts after they've been published. Proofread carefully. If you must make corrections, simply post a revised draft and I'll delete the original as quickly as I can.

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