Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Update: Autumn, 2009

Some posts are more fun to write than others.

The recent rumblings are true. The book will not be available for purchase at Radio City Music Hall. Our legal delays were simply too much for us to overcome. I will still be there, and Howard and I will be previewing both the book an the Rarities, but these will not yet be for sale.

I bring you this news with a very heavy heart. Please know that we did absolutely everything within our power to have this ready for this event. I hate nothing more than disappointing friends, and I feel just awful knowing that I've done exactly this. The concerts will be as stupendous as ever. Our presentations will be every bit as engaging, and our material just as revealing. We simply won't be selling anything at this point.

The whole legal affair has tossed us about relentlessly. As I've said before, the book is now safe... as is the potential follow-up volume on The Hobbit. After tremendous effort, the legal confusion is ALL resolved. All the material is safe as well... from John Howe's art to Fran Walsh's writings to Howard Shore's documents to my original material. Likewise the Rarities disc is safe, set, and ready to go. The book that you'll soon be reading will have everything we had before... and then some. I'll explain that in the coming weeks, but now is not the time.

Do we have a release date set? We have a target, yes. We'll be meeting in New York next week to discuss this. I will announce as soon as I can. Will this be another lengthy delay. No, it shouldn't be. Again, all will make sense soon.

I know I'm apt to suffer some slings and arrows over this. I understand. Believe me, your frustration is shared. I think you all so much for standing by me. The thoughtful posts and emails over the past month or so carried my spirits more than I can say. We were in real danger of losing the entire book, but I knew I could keep at it because I knew you were all behind me. I also need to thank those that came to the book's aid. The project managers, lawyers, assistants, a certain unreasonably talented composer... and of course my family and loved ones. It is because of their diligent efforts that you'll soon be featuring this beautiful book on your coffee table.

Our journey's going to last a little longer, I guess. I promise to return soon to explain how the next few months will proceed.

The next few weeks, however, will be brimming with Radio City excitement. Please don't let this dim that weekend for you! This will still be an absolutely unparalleled series of events, and I'm absolutely excited beyond words to meet (or re-meet) some of you! Our fellowship may be tested, but it will never break!

As I told Howard and we neared our resolution, "Maybe this has all been a terrible road to a lovely destination. This is really going to have a huge impact on how we can present the book." He agreed, "Some things are just meant to be."
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