Thursday, September 17, 2009

Collector's Edition


The Amazon MP3 album is up an available here. Those of us holding out for the physical CD can still hear previews at the MP3 link. And yes, our friend Alex's post in the comments is absolutely correct -- some of this material comes from Shore's unreleased score to Scorsese's After Hours. I have to think that film's sleep-deprived characters would have appreciated the coffee theme!


I'm posting this remotely, so I don't think I can create an active link. But if you'll copy-and-paste the URL below, you'll learn about HOWE Records' latest endeavor -- the Collector's Edition CDs


There's some exciting material due for release in this series. Love the coffee theme on this one!

You'll actually be reading more about this project when the Radio City schedule is released to the press... which I'm still told should happen soon.
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