Sunday, July 18, 2010

Change of Address

As we prepare to enter the world of press releases and higher visibility, your humble behind-the-scenes crew has decided to finally fix one thing we never really liked about this whole project ... namely, the URL for this blog!

It's actually become a bit of a running joke for us, to the point that we all groan and chuckle in concert when asked for the blog address. Once you've actually navigated your way through three 'the's, and if you can actually remember the 'films' at the end, oh and that 'dot-blogspot' before 'dot-com' ... let's just say that graceful memorability was not exactly achieved.

So starting this week, the blog will be available at the much simpler www.musicoflotr.com

The old address will still work for a little while longer, and after that an auto redirect code will kick in and automatically bump you to the new URL. So it's up to you, you can either update your bookmarks, or mark your 'loyal reader' status by keeping your browser pointed at the old finger-busting address.

As for comments, Disqus is already installed and ready to go at the new address. Old comments are in the process of migrating over. They're all available at Disqus.com right now, and I'm told they will be popping up on the new versions of old posts in the coming days.

If anything seems to be misfiring, or if there's something specific you'd like to see incorporated into the blog, please feel free to click the Email button at top right and make your voice heard.  Between press releases, preview pages, order sites, book signings, etc., there's plenty being planned right now, but I want to be certain the blog doesn't get lost in the shuffle. I'm still told our first batch of announcements will run before July is over, so I want to make sure our home on the internet is in tiptop condition for the big day!

Thanks everyone,

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