Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank You

Thank you all so much for your incredible support, both over the years and, more specifically, during this very exciting week. I am overwhelmed.

One journey is over, and another is just beginning. The jury's still out on which will ultimately be more demanding. Is it more difficult to stay focused over an extended period of slow steady work, or during a few short months of furious pace? I guess I'll let you know!

But in case I get bogged down in this or that, I wanted to give you a short laundry list of what you'll soon see announced -- if for no other reason than to slightly stem the tide of questions.

The Official 'Coming Soon' List:

Book Preview Pages
Rarities CD Tracklist
Book Pricing
Pre-Order Routing

Please understand, on this new journey, these announcements are governed by other captains. If I don't give you the information you're looking for in timely manner, I'm probably not being cagey. I simply may not know! Funny, isn't it? I finally adopt a position of full transparency, only to find I'm no longer holding all the cards! :)

Actually, this is just a typical marketing phase. And in that world information is dispensed at a very specific rate. We always forget -- and yes, I do mean "we" since I'm as guilty of this as anyone -- but marketing is seldom directed at the pre-informed/pre-sold audience. The marketing team behind this book doesn't need to focus too intently on the LOTR/film music crowd. We know why this music matters. It now needs to reach the uninitiated. They know how to do that, and I'm quite content to let them do their jobs unhindered by my pestering. That means I'm not always privy to dates and timelines, but that's OK. I've been told that August will be a quieter month for us, then September will kick us back to high gear.

However, for "we" the dedicated, I'll soon be updating the FAQ to explain a few things. I think there's still plenty to be said about the Rarities disc and how decisions were made -- the track titles alone aren't going to tell you that. It's a fascinating collection of materials you've never heard before at all, materials that you've heard before in part, pieces that never made it to the CRs, early versions of themes and compositions, etc. You'll see. I really love it because it works both as an archive -- something you can study to gain a greater understanding of Shore's creative process -- and as a beautiful album -- something you can pop in the car for a long ride. But more on that at the appropriate date.

I also want to give you a little information on the book's content and sections. Does it include the material from the liners? The Annotated Score? All new material? (1. Yes, thoroughly expanded; 2. Yes, expanded and restructured; 3. Yes, quite a bit!) The upcoming preview pages will make this a bit clearer as well, and those are coming soon.

Finally, we're still working on a few additional public appearances and signings, and I'll let you know when those are confirmed. However, do note that the September 27 event in London and the October 7 event in New York are our main events right now. I'd be completely thrilled to see as many of you there as is possible! And after so much support over the years, I think you really deserve to be there on day one. I don't know anything more about these events than what's in the press release, but when/if additional details reach me, I'll be sure to pass them on. However, I will say this:

-If you wish to have a book signed at the event in London on September 27, you will probably need to buy your book at the event itself. A pre-ordered book shouldn't be able to reach you beforehand since the book won't actually be in wide release until the day after this event.

-If you're hoping to have a book signed at the B&N event in NY on October 7, you probably have a little more leeway. Technically, our US street date is two days before this event. If you trust shipping times -- and if said times coincide properly with your own travel plans -- pre-order away.

-If you're hoping to have a book signed at either the RAH or RCMH concerts, you may be safe placing a pre-order or swinging by an old brick-and-mortar, so it's your call. We will have the book available at the concerts themselves, so take that into consideration.

And that's pretty much what I know at the moment. It's an incredibly rewarding, exciting, nerve-wracking time for me, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Oh yes, I should mention ... This Tuesday morning I received an email from Shore's office. "Let us know when you receive yours today." Somewhat confused I stumbled out to the porch. At some point during the night or early morning a delivery had been made. I opened up the box, for the first time ever, held the finished book in my hands.

It is beautiful.

That's just one of a thousand moments I'd never have had without your support. I can never, ever thank you enough.

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