Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Nerdy As All Get Out"

The Chicago A.V. Club, a publication of the esteemed Onion Inc. corporation, has posted a nice piece on my upcoming Chicago-area appearances on December 15 and 17. So head over to their site for a quick video, some sharing links ...  and, uh, maybe see if that guy in the comments section is still planning to shoot me! :)

Hobbit alert! LOTR music expert lines up two Chicago appearances

The Music Of The Lord Of The Rings Films author, Doug Adams, emerges from his Hobbit hole for book signings
by Ilana Emer and Marah Eakin November 24, 2010

Buying a holiday gift for a Lord of the Rings fan isn’t very difficult—Tolkien Town has a present for every Hobbit, from Gollum pendants to a Frodo Pewter and Gold Goblet, a Fellowship Wool Cloak to Mount Doom Incense—but what about gifts for more secretly obsessed fans?

Look no further for the perfect gift: Doug Adams’ The Music Of The Lord Of The Rings Films, a 416-page analysis of the Lord of the Rings scores. This thing’s detailed to the max, and nerdy as all get out. Better still, the author’s appearing twice in Chicago this month, so he can totally sign that gift copy to the purchaser’s very own Arwen.

The middle-earth expert will be hanging out at Borders on Dec. 15 for a Q&A and book signing, and on Dec. 17 at McCormick Place for the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.
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