Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucerne Programs Announced

The upcoming Howard Shore Festival in Lucerne will feature not only performances of all three LOTR: Live to Projection scores, but also concerts of Shore's Chamber and Symphonic works.
The programs look nothing short of amazing. Feast your eyes ...

Howard Shore Chamber Works

Seven Pieces*
Movements 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6
2 Vln, 2 Vla, 2 (10) Vc, Cb, Piano and Voice

B Fl, Eng Hn, B Cl, B Tb, Vl, Piano

The Fly (Two arias from the opera)
- “The Dream”
- “Your Flesh”
Sop, Bar, Piano


Cl, Tpt, Pno, Hp, String Quartet, Voice

The Brood
- The Shape of Rage
Vn 1, Vn II, Vn III, Vla, Vc I, Vc II, Db

The Departed
- Tango
- Beacon Hill
2 Guitars

Eastern Promises Concertino (Excerpts)
Ob, Cl, Bsn, 2 Hn, Perc, Acc, Cimb, Hp, Solo Vl, 3Vl, 3Va, 3Vc, 1Cb

A Fl, Cl, Dulc, A Gtr, Acc, Harp, String Quartet


Howard Shore Symphonic Works

21st Century Fanfare

The Fly
-Main Title
- The Argument
- The Jump
- The Creature
- The Finale

The Silence of the Lambs
-Main Title
-FBI/Gumb’s House


-The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
-The Kiss

Mrs. Doubtfire

Prelude to a Kiss
- Opening Title
- Rooftops
- The Kiss
- Floss

- Goodbye
- The Carnival

Ed Wood Suite

The Aviator
- H1 Racer

Use Well the Days*

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