Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ongoing Discussion [February 2011]

I'd hoped to time this month's Ongoing Discussion thread with an exciting bit of news, but alas and alack, the news isn't yet ready for the world. And since this thread is already over a week behind, I'm not going to hold it up any longer. But rest assured: while things have been sleepy in blog-land, there's a good bit of wheeling and dealing happening behind the scenes. I'd advise you all to 'hang in there,' but you have to be used to the waiting game by now, so I'll put my trust in your patience!

In the meantime, GeorgeKelly.org has just run a nice new mini-review of the book, and I'm due to be a guest on TheDunedain.net's podcast in the near future. Details should be forthcoming.

Oh, and speaking of forthcoming details, I hear that good news regarding the NY performance of ROTK should announced soon as well. I don't know when they plan to go public, but it shouldn't be too terribly long.

Back with details as soon as possible. Chat it up as you wait; the board is yours!

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