Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Live From New York [March 2008 Edition -- Day 2]

[10:40 a.m.] Back to work! You guys still out there?

[11:20 a.m.] The language fans out there will enjoy the latest discovery... David Salo reading through many of the Fellowship texts for pronunciation purposes.

[12:38 p.m.] Oh my...

[12:52 p.m.] I think I'm just about at the end of the CDs vaults now... which is amazing in itself. there will be more work pulling audio off hard drives later, which will likely warrant additional goodies, but that's for another trip. Right now it's time to turn attention to... video! This trip has two purposes. Now moving out of the realm of audio discoveries, we're turning our attention to video discoveries... all still pertaining to music, of course, but this opens a whole new side of things! 

Lunch now, reportage later.

[9:18 a.m., Day 3] No lunch didn't take THAT long yesterday. The afternoon suddenly became a blur of phone calls, review sessions and thoughtful discussions, most of which happened a good distance from the old laptop, which is probably healthy for me personally, but certainly doesn't help the blogging.

More discussions about the book's multimedia DVD carried on into the night, and frankly, by the time I got back to my room, I had energy left for a few goodnight phone calls, but not much else.

But, there's still that Oh My moment from yesterday fueling my thoughts. In fact, it was an interesting cluster of Oh My moments all concentrated around that timeframe. I can't discuss much other than to say I'm now getting a much clearer image of how LOTR developed as a film, and how the music developed simultaneous to that.

More on that later, I promise.

Right now, it's time to pack up and make our way back to the airport... but before I go, I'd like to introduce you to Saul Pincus, who will be overseeing the video side of the DVD. Saul has been working with me in the offices this week, and we'll be reconvening in a few weeks to continue our work. Say hi, Saul...

Oh, and just so I don't totally skimp on specifics... I see that there's some discussion at MM.com about the final appearance of the History of the Ring theme in ROTK and whether or not the soprano solo over Gollum's rapture at Mount Doom constitutes a quote. Believe me, once you hear the glorious music originally intended to follow this moment, you'll understand what the soprano line represents! :)

Ok next stop, Lucerne!


PS - Munich reviews! Send them!
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