Monday, March 3, 2008

St. Louis Gets the Symphony

St. Louis Today is reporting that The Lord of the Rings Symphony will be coming to The St. Louis Symphony on Friday and Saturday, September 19 and 20.

Conductor Markus Huber will lead the orchestra… No word if Shore will attend, but The Fly is playing in LA that weekend, so I’d assume not. Still, this is a great chance to hear one of the US’ premier orchestras tackle the Symphony, and Huber always draws a spirited performance. (It’s interesting to note where his interpretation differs from Shore’s… his fiery tempo in the Moria music, for example.)

The concert is not yet up on the St. Louis Symphony’s website, but it appears you can order tickets here. (I’m not vouching for this service, I know nothing about them. I’d call in person first, personally.)

By the way, who picked out St. Louis’ 2008-2009 season? I looks amazing! John Adams’ Guide to Strange Places and El Niño, Beethoven 7, Bartók Piano Concerto No. 3, Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Berg’s Seven Early Songs, Elgar Cello Concerto, Harold Arlen’s score to The Wizard of Oz, Saint-Saëns 3, Sibelius 5, Adès’ Asyla, Steven Mackey, Chris Rouse, Frank Zappa… and LOTR. I’d have to take out a second mortgage if St. Louis were any closer!

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