Monday, March 23, 2009

Fran Walsh Joins The Music of LOTR

Truth be told, I don't put much stock in dream analysis. I've always been prone to a nightmare or two, and maybe a revelation here or there. I've credited this to nothing more than an overactive or overworked mind. 

But last night was different. I dreamt I was in New Zealand and that a lightning storm was approaching. Reaching down from an unusually clear blue sky, thick, bright bolts struck closer and closer. Startled, I shook awake and lay awake in my bed attempting to reorient myself. After 30 seconds a faint buzzing sound caught my attention. Although silenced, my phone was vibrating to indicate an email had just arrived. "Well," I thought, "I'll just check my email to clear my mind, and then get back to sleep."

I never got back to sleep.

For a few months now Fran Walsh and I have been passing emails back and forth in an attempt to line up our schedules properly. I had asked her to pen a short foreword for The Music of the Lord of the Rings. Anything that she thought was appropriate: musings on Tolkien and music, memories of working with Howard on the films... anything, really. I trusted her implicitly.

This morning's email was from her. The foreword was complete. A sweet note from Fran read:

Hi Doug,

Pete and I think your book reads really well and found it to be completely engaging! Congratulations!

Following was a beautifully written, approximately 1,000-word foreword covering... well, you'll see. :)

To Fran, my lightning bolt out of the blue, I send my limitless and most sincere gratitude.

After nearly 7 years of work, the last piece of the book is now in place.
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