Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lucerne 2009 Fan Pics [Updated 3/24]

Hi everyone,

As your Lucerne pictures come in, I'll be storing them in the album embedded below. This will be reposted as additions arrive.

The first batch is from Eorl from the discussion board. Thanks!

UPDATE 3/18: GKGyver's three pictures have been added to the mix.

UPDATE 3/19: Jim Ware's 27 pics have been added to the mix.

UPDATE 3/19: Babsi's pics are up too!

UPDATE 3/21: Sabsi's added a huge number of pics -- including a few shots of you guys. Take a look...

UPDATE 3/24: Niels Tielenburg's fantastic pictures have been added in.

Click here to send me yours.

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