Saturday, September 18, 2010

News of the World

Last week in Vienna, one thoughtful soul approached me backstage, braved his slightly tenuous grasp of English (which was still far better than my German) and asked, "Are you doing the jet lag?"

Today the answer is most definitely "yes!"

I'm now back in Chicago, but I've carried home some wonderful memories of people, places, and events. And I promise to share them soon. In the meantime, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films has been getting a good deal of web press, so I thought a quick news update might be in order.

--Sureshkumar Sekar at India-based BackgroundScore.com sent a few excellent questions, the answers to which you can read here.

--Tom Racine of Tall Tale Features interviewed me for their podcast, available as streaming or download here.

--France's UnderScores has a preview of my interview with Olivier Soude available here.

--Kristin Thompson also posted a note on her indispensable Frodo Franchise site indicating that Amazon has officially shipped her book. Many of you may have received the same note, in fact. I honestly didn't know that sites would ship so early, but it's tremendously exciting!

--ScoreKeeper at Aint It Cool News received a promotional copy of the book, and has penned an incredibly kind write-up here. He and I will also sit down for a conversation later in the week.

This will be another press-heavy week for me, then I'm off to London on Saturday. Exciting times! Exciting, nerve-wracking, exhausting times!

Back soon,

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