Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ongoing Discussion Thread [September, 2010]//Chappell Details

I've been looking for the appropriate material to connect to our final pre-release Ongoing Discussion Board ... anything to avoid the too-poetic waxing of an author who overreacts to change! Happily, Chappell of Bond Street, which will host our UK premiere on 27 September, has now posted the details of the event:

To anyone with an interest in film music, composer Howard Shore needs little introduction. Winner of 3 Academy Awards, 4 Grammys and 3 Golden Globes, Shore's film work is prolific - his filmography includes The Fly, Big, The Silence of the Lambs, Mrs Doubtfire, Ed Wood, Se7en, Dogma, The Departed and recently added blockbuster The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

But arguably his most famous work so far is the breath-taking and Oscar-winning score for Peter Jackson's The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. This September 28th, Shore will be conducting the world-renowned London Philharmonic Orchestra in a live performance (with movie projection) at the Royal Albert Hall. [Wicki is actually conducting, not Shore. -- DA]

Coinciding with this spectacle is the release of a brand new book, exploring the major themes of the music as well as Howard Shore's process of composing it. Written by Doug Adams (after receiving a personal invitation to observe and document Shore writing the score), this book is an essential purchase both for fans of The Lord Of The Rings films and for budding (and established) composers everywhere.

The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films takes the reader on an unprecedented journey into the heart of this history-making opus with the extensive music examples, original manuscript scores, a rarities CD, and fascinating glimpses into the creative process from the composer himself.

We're delighted that on the evening before the Royal Albert Hall performances, Shore and Adams will be visiting Chappell of Bond Street to sign copies of the new book as well as giving a question and answer session.

So, if you can get to 152-160 Wardour Street on 27th September 2010, please do; for everyone who's a little too far afield, we'll be asking the writers to sign a small number of copies which you can pre-order on our website today by clicking here. We're sorry that there's unlikely to be enough signed copies to fulfil demand and so we do strongly recommend visiting on the night.


I think the most amazing part of all this is that I had absolutely no idea that they'd be offering pre-signed copies of the book for those who cannot attend. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that they're doing it, I just think it's funny that the first I heard of it was in Lizard's excellent post! Such is the way of things, I guess, and I certainly have no problem with it at all.

It's pretty wild to think that the next time I post an Ongoing Discussion the book will be available in the UK and, soon after, the world over. To me, this will be when the real discussions begin. This will be when we can start talking about Shore's music in great detail, which has always been my ultimate goal.

Hold on tight, everyone. Here we go!
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