Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shouted Thoughts

In the opening pages of the book I was allowed to acknowledge a handful of dear people who helped me along my way. Some of these people directly influenced the final product, others supported me for years and years, fostering my early interest in the grand world of music. The fifth and sixth people on that list are my paternal grandparents, John J. and Virginia Adams. My grandfather passed away back when I was in graduate school, well before I began working on this project. But both he and my grandmother encouraged me greatly in my younger years. I can't even begin to count the hours they patiently sat and listened to me butcher the classics in one of my impromptu after-dinner piano recitals!

It was very important to me, therefore, that my grandmother knew that both she and and my grandfather were listed in the book. Not much in the scheme of things, I know, but it was my way of showing ... something. Gratitude, I suppose -- an emotion I tend to express too quietly for my own good. Writing is my platform, thoughts are my shouting. Such is the way of an introvert.

This was actually one of my chief concerns when the book was delayed last year. My grandmother was now in her 90s, and I knew she wouldn't be around forever. When the early copy of the book finally came in this summer, I made sure she knew. 

I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Earlier this evening, my grandmother passed away. If you would be so kind, when you eventually read page vii of the book and see the name "Virginia Adams," please pause for a moment and offer a warm thought to the memory of a kind and generous soul. Perhaps that's not much in the scheme of things either, but with enough shouted thoughts, maybe she'll hear us.

Thanks, everyone.
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