Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aint It Cool Interview

ScoreKeeper Interviews THE MUSIC OF "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" FILMS Author Doug Adams!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here feeling like a Rhodes Scholar studying Tolkien literature thanks to the near decade long work of a fantastic film music historian, journalist, writer, musicologist, and lover of film music...Doug Adams.

Doug is the author of The Music of THE LORD OF THE RINGS Films which was unleashed upon the world a couple of months ago. I wrote up a little announcement about it when it first hit the streets. As a passionate lover of film music myself, it's hard to express the sheer gratitude I feel for Doug for devoting so much of his life chronicling the efforts of Howard Shore and his amazing work scoring THE LORD OF THE RINGS films. The analysis that Doug presents in this book is the result of years of labor, hundreds of hours of discussions with Howard Shore, and possibly a couple million clicks of his computer keyboard.

All that's left is best part...for us to spend a few days reading it.

This is a book that music analysis junkies and non-musical enthusiasts can appreciate equally. It's ripe with juicy musical language but it's well organized and contritely explained so that anybody can read it and understand its contextual merit. As film music lovers, we don't get books like this very often. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime publication.

Not long after the book came out I knew I wanted to interview Doug about authoring it. I didn't know much about its creation so I was eager to ask my cascading flood of questions. I could've easily spent twice as long talking with him as I did. This is an interview I'm very excited to present. Without further ado... [READ MORE HERE]
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