Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ongoing Discussion Thread [October, 2010]

October 2010.
So, what shall we talk about ... ?


While the blog is now more active than ever, I'm probably going to have a tough time posting for the next couple of weeks. That said, I'll do my best to be present. In the meantime, I'm going to be making use of both Twitter and Facebook to try and spread the word about the book. If possible, I would ask that you please consider retweeting as much of the Twitter Feed content as possible, since that will help direct people here. At the same time, if you're not already a fan of The Music of the LOTR Films Facebook Page, a simple 'become a fan' would also be a big plus for us! Our numbers are growing steadily, and now we're at our big push, of course.

Speaking of Facebook, I'm told that sidebar ads for the book will begin running Tuesday, Oct. 5. If those of you on Facebook see one of these ads, please click the affixed 'LIKE.' You don't need to actually click the ad unless you want to order the book through the link ... which you are, of course, welcome to do!

I hope this isn't social media overload. I'm still getting used to the idea of living in a world where 'retweet' is a valid word! But spreading this info helps us both keep our own advertising costs down and, more importantly, keeps the book visible. Or at least that's what I'm told by those who know considerably more about this than I ever will!

And with that bit of (important) business out of the way ... This is it. This is the discussion thread that will be running when the book is available worldwide. That is an encouraging thought!
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