Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Always Tomorrow

The second (and likely final) draft of The Rarities is on its way to me and should arrive via FedEx tomorrow morning. Sleeve and disc art designs and elements have already been delivered to the layout artists. All book edits have been sent off to LA as well -- including a few last minute tweaks to The Rarities' liners, or Appendix B as they're known in the book.

I am assuming that we return to the waiting game tomorrow while everyone digs through materials--either reviewing audio or assembling art--but it's entirely possible we'll be proofing book layout version 3 or first passes at designs during the second half of the day. The "tweak list" is getting shorter and shorter. Still, no detail is too small for careful consideration. We took at least 5 or 6 passes at a single sentence in Track 22's listing in The Rarities' liners today.

I don't think I've ever worked this intently on anything in my life. I can't imagine a more rewarding artistic experience.
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