Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Second Draft (part 2)

UPDATE 7/11: Another day trip yesterday meant most business was handled over the phone. However, if you follow the Twitter feed, you'll have already noted that the book's front and back covers are now finalized and locked! You should be seeing them soon... most likely on the Radio City site, whenever it makes its long-delayed appearance online.

The Mountain

Mountain Climbers

UPDATE 7/9: Coffee in hand, and back at it! Checking cor anglais throughout the document. We're down to this sort of minutiae now, and though it's mind-numbing, it's a sure sign that we're almost there. This is the first draft where I've picked it up and felt like "Wow, this is actually a book!" Maybe it's seeing the last name on the spine in golden lettering. Pretty cool!

UPDATE 7/8: Back at the grindstone... though slightly more car-lagged than planned. Working through the text again. Expect updates tomorrow. Goodnight, friends!

UPDATE 7/7: Out of town until 7/7. Keep your eyes on Twitter until my return.

UPDATE #2 7/6 (pm): Don't let anyone tell you otherwise -- proofreading Old English is a chore!

UPDATE 7/6 (pm): Proofreading central -- Getting an early start!

7/6 (am): The second draft is in, and looking good!

Watch this space throughout the week.
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