Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finals Week

UPDATE 7/17: Up. At 'em. Good things soon.

UPDATE #2 7/16: I've done more Twittering than posting today. But I think we'll be having some fun around these parts tomorrow. Should be a good day, in fact. See you then!

UPDATE 7/16: And we're back to the waiting game. That--plus too much coffee--makes me an edgy fellow, I'm afraid. Impatience and caffeine, a deadly combination.

Hoping to hear from the Rarities mastering sessions soon.

UPDATE 7/15 #2: Currently on the desktop, for those inclined to wonder:

Eight DVDs of LOTR artwork
Seven Drafts of The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films... in one editorial state or another
Six-hundred gigs of LOTR-based video and audio, including The Rarities and commentary
Five pages of newly engraved musical examples from this morning, beginning with "Bilbo's Song"
Four external hard drives backing up LOTR files!
Three Post-it Notes
-Annie in Legacy Section
-Galway Song on DA102 #28
-Rewrite "Gwenwin" Listing
Two red pens, as seen here
One copy of Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth... always good to think ahead :)

UPDATE 7/15: It's looking more and more like "Finals Week" is going to become "Finals Weeks," plural, as there will still be a few items to address after this weekend. I'd rather get everything into place sooner, I suppose, though I certainly won't mind the slightly more relaxed schedule.

The big new today, however, is that The Rarities disc is being mastered as I type this, and will likely be finished some time tomorrow!

UPDATE 7/14: I won't go into specifics out of respect for privacy, but I've just been informed that our chief layout artist experienced a very sad family tragedy over the weekend. If you could all please keep Matt and his family in your thoughts, I'm sure it would mean a lot. Thanks, everyone.

UPDATE #2 7/13: Today was, surprisingly, a bit of a no show. Everyone was so busy digesting the work I sent out over the weekend that I just ended up standing around and watching while they all toiled away. Vaulting ambition which o'er leaps itself, indeed! So to amuse myself in the unexpected downtime, I added a new link in the right sidebar's Amazon lineup. Take a look at the very bottom of the list, and click on Geoffrey Keezer's version of "Gollum's Song." If you ever felt that Gollum could use a velvety suave makeover, this could be for you! Actually, it's very well done. I'm listening right now with a smile wrapped around my face. The perfect end to a strangely calm day. Back in the saddle tomorrow. See you then!

UPDATE 7/13: Enjoying a rousing bout of Hurry Up and Wait as everyone sorts through the files I sent this weekend.


This is going to be quite a week.

The second draft proofing notes are now into the publishers, who will begin tweaking everything tomorrow morning. I'm beyond thrilled with this draft; it's looking absolutely beautiful. They've nailed that elegant handmade quality that we've been aiming for. I can't wait to introduce you al to the team that has put this together, but all things in due time.

On either Wednesday or Thursday, The Rarities Archives will be mastered. After that, the wild ride begins in earnest as we scramble to integrate the disc's details into the book's text, re-proof, and deliver a final product to the printers.

I'm nervous, excited, jittery and worn-out. But if everything goes according to plan, we should have a finished product around this time next week.

Check in often! I promise I'll do my best to keep everyone updated. Fingers crossed!
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