Friday, July 3, 2009

Il ritorno di Maurizio

Our friend Maurizio, who was very involved in last week's Rome performances, checks back in with a collection of memories and impressions.

The Rome picture slideshow has been updated as well, and now resides below Maurizio's words.


After one week from the Rome LOTR Symphony premiere, I have some time to share my thoughts and feelings about this amazing experience. It's been quite two wonderful days for me: I had the honour and privilege to meet and know the amazing Howard Shore, as me and my fellow colleagues of ColonneSonore.net were involved by the Santa Cecilia staff in setting up the Pre-Concert Talk on Friday 26th.

The Pre-Concert Talk was held at "La Serra", a sort of greenhouse located in front of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, where the concerts were performed. Me and my friend Giuliano introduced Howard Shore with some brief biographical notes and a short overview of the LOTR scores. Then Howard entered the stage and he was greeted with a passionate applause. The talk was centered around his experience in the LOTR films and the unique approach he brought to the scoring of these films. He underlined the importance of the Tolkien books and the unique relationship he had with the filmmakers. After answering to some questions from the audience, Howard left the stage accompained by another heartfelt applause and then people started going into the Auditorium to attend the concert.

Both performances were GREAT. The Santa Cecilia Orchestra & Chorus were impeccable. All the musicians gave their best on both nights. I was particularly impressed by the brass section--especially trumpets, which had a fantastic, pure sound. Howard was really enjoying himself on the podium. On Friday night the hall was even more packed than the night before and the audience was much more involved. They gave TWO standing ovations!

Also on Friday, Howard did a post-concert CD signing session. The line was huge, there were at least 300 persons who patiently waited to meet and greet with Howard. Although much tired after the performance, Howard stayed until 1am to sign stuff, always happy to shake hands and greet fans.

Hearing the LOTR music performed live by more than 200 musicians is an unparalled experience. This is the kind of music which really trascend to another dimension when listened to live on stage. I was genuinely moved and excited by the experience of hearing the beautiful symphonic architecture Howard Shore produced. The Symphony is a fantastic piece, a beautiful sum-up of the best moments of the Trilogy.

I'm grateful Howard came to Italy to perform the Symphony. It was a long overdue event for Italian fans of both the Lord of the Rings films and Howard Shore. And I felt honoured and privileged in giving my own very little contribution to these wonderful nights.

Now, I'm very much tempted to fly to NY next October for the Radio City Music Hall performance of FOTR Live to Projection... :)

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