Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luzern Lecture II: Ethnic Instruments

Whistles, Neys, and Rhaitas
During the months of March and April, I provided a series of five lectures for the Luzern presentation of Howard Shore's LOTR Cycle. Over the coming days I will be presenting the content of those lectures.

The lecture on "Ethnic Instruments," which essentially covered the use of nontraditional instruments within the standard orchestra, took place in the lecture hall above KKL's main hall. Joining in the fun, as you'll hear, were the 21st Century Orchestra's Concertmaster, Ulrich Poschner, and woodwind specialist Sandro Friedrich.

Incidentally, you'll hear Sandro mention instruments he recently recorded with. He's referencing the February recording sessions for Shore's LOTR Symphony, on which he performs whistle, rhaita, etc. Sandro was also kind enough to send in an English translation of one of his answers, since my spotty command of Swiss-German proved woefully inadequate during the lecture itself. Many thanks, Sandro!

Lecture Part I

Sandro Friedrich on Rhaita

Lecture Part II


Thanks also to Sabsi Fronek for the pictures used in this post. Next time, choral music ... and a very special performance!
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