Thursday, April 28, 2011

Luzern Lecture III: Choral Music ... and a special performance!

During the months of March and April, I provided a series of five lectures for the Luzern presentation of Howard Shore's LOTR Cycle. Over the coming days I will be presenting the content of those lectures.

Today's lecture covers the use of choral music and language in Shore's score -- basically a chance to explain how the chorus functions both as a musical element and as a dramatic element. The audience was very enthusiastic on this one, and quite excited to learn just what was being sung behind some of their favorite scenes.

That said, I'm quite sure that today's main attraction is lurking below the lecture audio. See you down there shortly ...


During the LOTR Cycle, I spent one of the post-performance after-parties with the 21st Century Chorus in their favorite back corner of KKL's Seebar. They informed me that a secret rehearsal was being held after the upcoming ROTK dress rehearsal, and asked if I would attend. Of course I agreed!

This secret rehearsal was being held in order to read through the Chorus' own LOTR Medley/Parody arrangement. The piece was to be performed at the final after-party -- the soirée that would be held at the end of the last ROTK performance -- an event that, due to my travel plans, I would miss. It would be a loving tribute to the the score and the story, the Chorus' ode to Maestro Ludwig Wicki and their experiences with the first-ever LOTR score cycle. And, from the glint in their eyes, I could tell it would also be pretty darn funny!

Thoughtfully, the chorus wanted to make sure I got to hear their work before I left.

Even more thoughtfully, they agreed to record the piece and send it in for you, the blog readers/listeners!

So, without further ado, here is The Lord of the Rings Medley. Please note that all lyrics are presented sic. The almost-perfect English is part of the incredible charm, in my opinion, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Bravo, Chorus, and thank you all!

The Lord of the Rings Medley 
Music by Howard Shore, Lyrics by Robin Burri, Arranged by Livio Schurmann


I can feel it in the water.
I smell it in the air.

The Nazgûl
Riding and flying
Sneaking around
Hide now, you fools
They want the Ring
The Ring must be destroyed

Frodo Baggins
Though I do not know the way,
I will take the Ring to Mordor
And destroy it in the heat
Of the big and dark Mount Doom

One Ring to rule them all
And to bind them in the dark
Master is our only friend
So bright as so beautiful

Oh Flame of Udûn
You can not pass
Gandalf, no!

Uruk-hai hungry, hungry
Uruk-hai appetite, appetite
Flesh, flesh
Raw, raw, raw, raw

Oh that is one of the Mearas
Unless my eyes are cheated by some spell

Rohan, Rohan

Shadowfax, oh ride now
Ride to ruin and the world’s ending!

Look they are the riders
The riders of Rohan
Don’t they look to you like many women
With fake beards in their face?

We are the Elves.
Pale and shiny

Lembas bread

Bling, bling, bling, bling!

Haldir, Haldir
We are going to war
Just a mouthful

I’m going to bleed you like a stuck pig
Not if I stuck you first
Feast on his flesh
Looks like the meat’s back on the menu

Hroom, humm
Oh come friends
The Ents they are going to war!

Room, room, room, room
Hum, hum, hum, hum

Raw, raw, raw, raw, raw!

Whom do you serve?

Come on, Frodo, do it
Throw the Ring into Mount Doom!

Mount Doom

Ring destroyed, problem solved
Middle-earth is now free, oh yeah!

Lord of the Rings
Where heroes fight until end
Lord of the Rings
In 2D!
Is a classic and will survive!

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