Thursday, April 7, 2011

Non-Update Updates

I've had the same two questions popping up in my inbox with some regularity over the past days, so even though this may be non-news to most of the blogs regulars, responses seem to be in order.

Q1: Are the FOTR and TTT Complete Recordings out of print?
A1: Nope. There is absolutely no plan in place to discontinue these items at any point in the foreseeable future. Sometimes stock is shifted around to meet demand -- for instance, the concerts in Europe this spring have required that a number of sets be on-hand for new audiences. This seems to confuse Amazon and certain distributors who claim that the sets have gone the way of the dodo. Long-time blog followers have seen this routine before. The sets will be back in stock shortly.

Q2: Will ROTK Live to Projection play New York as have FOTR and TTT?
A2: Yes, ROTK will play New York. The details are set, but unannounced. The announcement is not mine to make, so I won't be saying anything until after an official press release is issued. Those in the business of crafting and targeting press releases tend to be very good at their jobs, and it would be very impolite of me to start spouting off inside information and disrupting plans. Also, I've been asked not to, and I don't want to get in trouble! :)

So there you go, another classic MusicofLOTR.com post wherein I announce that I have nothing to announce. Enjoy!
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