Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ongoing Discussion [April 2011]

I'm back, thrilled, exhausted, and enthused. Luzern was unlike anything we've ever seen before. Bayreuth was referenced more than once, and as the week wore on, I became more and more apt to join the chorus of voices.

I'll have plenty more to say when I regroup, unpack, and find my socks. I believe Jim and Sabsi will be registering reports and photos in the near future as well. I also have audio, images, and video from the entire lecture series, and will be dividing that up into multiple posts over the coming weeks. And of course, I'm still sitting on some wonderfully exciting announcements. We'll see if we can't work a few of these into April as well.

But, as I say, I'm still getting my head back into the correct timezone. So for now, I'll say only "thank you" to everyone who made last week so special -- the guests, the fans, the organizers, the incredibly patient staff at Seebar. I'll always remember that I was at the first LOTR score cycle, and I'll always remember that I was in amazing company.

Atop Mount Pilatus
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